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Local SEO is absolutely essential for any company that wants to claim a great Return on Investment from the web. With so many organisations competing for the attention of local customers, investing in your local SEO presence is one of the only ways you can truly get ahead of your competitors and harness a bigger share of your local market.

In the real world, if you are planning to do marketing for a product or service and looking for potential, and ideally, regular buyers to increase your revenue every month, you just can’t ignore Search Engine Optimisation.

Think about it, if you need a electrician in the West Midlands, do you spend hours scouring the phone book, or do you pick up your phone and search for trades people in your local area? If you need SEO services, do you wait for a flyer to drop through your door, or do you head straight to Google and see who’s based in your town or city?

Studies have shown that 80% of people use the internet when they need to find a product or service from a local supplier. It’s quick and easy for customers to use search engines to find what they’re looking for. So, having a strong presence in Google, Bing and other frequently used search engines, you’ll struggle to generate exposure for your business.

Local SEO Audit Service

Local SEO Audit

With the use of Google My Business, a Local SEO can conduct a NAP audit (name, address and phone number). Off-site signals include inbound links and building social media influence gives your site credibility.

Local Competitor Analysis

Local Competition Analysis

Many benefits can come from competitor research when you do a local competition analysis. Your local SEO strategy should identify trends within your niche market. You can match your competitor’s strategies and find out more about customer desires.

Unique Local Content Creation

Unique Local Content

Unique content is important in any Local SEO strategy. Search engines seek out authoritative content with topical keywords now than before. As you target a local place to gain organic rankings, you effectively reach your target market.

Put your business on the map.

Our local SEO service are organised and run by an in-house team so you can access strategy, assets and analytics through a single point of contact across your SEO package. There’s no need to juggle multiple vendors, outsourced contractors or unvetted freelancers from various international time zones – everything’s done in a cohesive, collaborative workflow you can trust. What’s more, you have confidence of knowing that your local search engine ranking improvements are backed by our expert consultants who are versed in the latest local SEO tips and best practices. This means that all ranking factors including directory listings, positive reviews, Twitter and other social media are incorporated into our local search engine process.

Why Choose Us?

Local SEO is all about telling the search engines what you offer and where you’re based. By communicating the relevance of your web pages to a particular type of customer in a specific geographical area, you can encourage the major search engines, like Google, or Bing, to favour your content above your competitors’ efforts and list you highly within the search results. Gaining higher rankings in the organic listings will not only increase your search exposure – it will also transform your online reputation. Suddenly, you’ll be seen as a trusted, reputable business that’s worthy of first page positions.

Local SEO Service - Increase Visibility

Increase visibility

Improve the keyword ranking of your website, ensuring that your website is seen by as many people as possible.
Local SEO Service - Increase Organic Traffic

Increase organic traffic

Ensure your meta data is optimised in order to encourage users to click through to your website from the results pages.
Local SEO Services - Increase Conversions

Increase conversions

Ultimately, the key reason for anyone doing SEO work is to increase the number of conversions on your website.

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